【Chrome furniture Care method】

An electroplated furniture refers to a chair or table frame surface treated with electroplating, where a layer of metal (usually zinc, nickel, chromium, etc.) is deposited onto iron material to enhance the chair's corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

♦ Regular Cleaning:
   Use a soft dry cloth or slightly damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the chair to remove dust, stains, and
   fingerprints. Avoid using rough fabrics or cleaners containing abrasive particles to prevent scratching the   
   electroplated surface.

   Avoid using cleaners with strong acids or alkalis, as this may damage the electroplated layer. Choose neutral 
   cleaners to ensure the chair's appearance remains intact.

♦ Prevent Impact and Scratching:
   Avoid bumping hard objects onto the electroplated chair to prevent surface scratches. When moving the chair, 
   handle it gently and avoid rubbing against other objects.

♦ Stay Away from Moisture:

   Prolonged exposure to moist environments may cause oxidation of the electroplated surface. Avoid placing the
   chair in damp areas.

♦ Use Protective Agents:
   Consider using special metal protectants or waxes to increase the corrosion resistance of the electroplated chair
   and extend its lifespan.

♦ Regular Inspection and Maintenance:
   Regularly check the surface condition of the electroplated chair, and if there is any damage or oxidation, repair
   it promptly. Use appropriate metal repair products for maintenance.

♦ Proper Storage:
   If you're not using the chair for a period of time, store it in a dry, ventilated place to avoid prolonged exposure
   to damp or high-temperature environments.

These recommendations can help maintain the appearance and performance of the chrome furniture. Please refer to specific maintenance methods provided by the chair's material and manufacturer for optimal care.